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The digital harbour system

Portlux allows you to manage all harbour administration with one and the same tool. This means that the work processes become both more efficient and safer. The system reduces the risk of errors occurring, while being designed to be easy to use for everyone.


A harbour’s most complex task is to manage the allocation of berths. This is particularly true when multiple queues have to be handled simultaneously. Portlux helps you manage the process fairly with transparency while ensuring that the process is invoiced correctly. The system can allocate first- and second-hand contracts and meet the member/customer's wishes.

- Secure and transparent queuing system
- Management of customer requirements
- Filtering of boat and berth sizes


Most harbours have great pressure from stakeholders and have to set up multiple queues. At the same time, different types of requests must be entered and managed. With Portlux, it is simple to arrange any number of queues in one place. The system then updates them dynamically, which means that the queues are automatically adjusted according to the harbour's rules.

- Manage any number of queues
- Dynamic updates


With Portlux, you can manage your invoicing smoothly and efficiently in one place. The system retrieves payment information from your bank, and you can send reminders or credits. The transactions are posted immediately and you do not need to maintain multiple systems. You can also choose whether all the services a customer uses at the harbour are to be paid for at one time.

- Complete invoicing system
- More customized integrations
Integrated with Fortnox and Visma eEkonomi


The crowning achievement of a modern, integrated system is when customers can update their own information themselves. With this "self-service", both the harbour's and customer's time is saved and data remains relevant. This may, for example, involve editing personal information, having an overview of personal property, or entering a request for a berth change, etc.

- Personal login for members
- Repository for documents and other information
- Receive notices and news from the harbour
- Book different services directly on the portal


Based on the customer register, it is possible to create lists and schedules for aspects including guard duty or harbour security. It is simple to create multiple different duty lists with an adjustable number of participants and shift lengths. Lists and schedules are then easily shared via the members portal.

- Makes scheduling easier
- Create any number of lists


Harbours are run by people who have different tasks to manage, so it is important to check authorization . Portlux ensures that authorization and handovers are managed smoothly and securely.

- Manage authorization
- Different authorization levels
- Secure transfer of information

Data transfer

With Portlux, you can easily export data to an Excel format if necessary. But above all, it is quick and easy to import data into the system at start up. This means that your harbour can quickly achieve a smoother administration.

- Get started quickly
- Export data from the system

Visitors harbour management

Most harbours with fixed berths need to manage temporarily free space – known as red-green berths. A boat owner can say how long he intends to be away via the members portal, and is given the opportunity of renting out temporary visitor berths. This can be managed via Portlux.
Specially developed iPad app

QR labelling of boats

By using QR labelling, you can easily find out if a boat is in the right place and get information about the owner. You can also easily read when picking up or launching a boat whether any extra ordered work has been ordered on the boat to be picked up or launched. Each item has a UV-resistant label - the package includes a printer with accessories.

- Makes checking boats easier
- Make sure the right boat is in the right place


With the help of the information in the system, you can make individual and mass mailings to the people you want to at any time. Through our reliable web service, you can send out thousands of emails at once. Portlux also allows you to combine this with sending text messages, which can also be used as reminders for bookings and guard duty.

- Automatic mailing
- Effective for berth allocation

Mobile devices

Portlux allows you to manage the harbour's administration wherever you are. The system works equally well with a mobile phone, iPad or a computer. This allows you to enter important information easily while standing on a jetty. Communicating with customers is faster and working remotely is much easier.

- Take the system with you anywhere
- Works on Android and iOS


“I can’t be without the graphic map for five minutes. We have a large harbour and it’s irreplaceable. Portlux has a simple user interface that is easy to learn”

Gustaf Hornö, Harbour Master, Karlslund Marina